Mistakes to Avoid When Shopping For Clothing

How do you know which clothes are right for you? When shopping for attire, it’s important to choose pieces that complement your facial features, physique, and so on. Here are some tips to choose clothing that not only looks good to you, but also looks good on you:

1. Avoid pairing up clothing with your hair, eyes, and makeup.

Many people make the mistake of choosing clothing colors based on the color of their hair, eyes, or makeup. Instead, choose colors based on your skin tone. While there are some basic rules that you should follow, it’s not an exact science. The best way to determine if clothing of a certain color looks attractive on you, is to simply ask friends or relatives for their opinion. Although it’s not quite a scientific approach, it’s certainly an effective one.

2. Avoid dark colors if you have wrinkles.

The reason is that such clothing creates a “heavy” appearance, which you certainly want to avoid. Here’s why. Wrinkles give the appearance that your skin is contracted, rather than being smooth and taunt. Wearing lighter clothing will help to compensate for the appearance of the wrinkles.

3. Avoid wearing all-black outfits indiscriminately if you’re a man.

Yes, there are certain situations when wearing black suits is a requirement. You’d certainly look out-of-place by sporting an orange or fluorescent green suit to a wedding. However, all-black outfits don’t look suitable for all men. The most important factor when considering whether a black outfit looks right on you, is your skin tone. How about when a black suit is required? In that situation, choose a shirt and tie that complement your skin tone.

4. Avoid heavy material and large prints if you’re short or slender.

The reason is that you can appear to be “swimming” in such clothing, if you’re thin or short. Instead, you should choose lighter material and smaller prints. Undoubtedly, this will help you to look snug-as-a-bug-in-a-rug.

5. Avoid neglecting texture.

The texture of a particular material can have a significant influence on how a certain piece of clothing appears on you. For instance, heavier materials will create a “fuller” look.

6. Avoid wearing red if you’re a man.

Certain colors have certain connotations. For instance, “green rooms” are green, because the hue creates a calming effect. Likewise, the color red can create connotations of aggressiveness. Interestingly, some studies show that athletes who wear red are generally more successful than players who sport other colors. However, this can create the wrong signals if you’re a man who’s not completing in a sport. And it’s particularly a no-no if you’re interested in attracting women.

7. Avoid hiding and highlighting the wrong body parts.

Do an inventory of your body parts, and determine which parts are your strengths, and which ones are your weaknesses. You’ll want to accent those parts that are your fortes, and conceal those parts that are your deficiencies.

When shopping for clothing, choosing the right pieces will help you to look and feel good. While “to err is human,” why not avoid the clothing mistakes that others have already made?