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Tips To Buy The Best Kids Clothes

school-shopping-mThousands of on-line and offline stores showcase amazing kids clothes. They are fun to shop for and great to look at. Who doesn’t like to dress up their little ones and rejoice at their own child’s beauty! Most of the young mothers are ready to spend ample amount of time and money to buy the best things ever for their lovely babies. But they do not have a clue as to what suits their babies best. Here are a few tips to improvise when shopping for kids clothes. They are best fit for mothers having babies below two years.

1. Always select soft material.

2. Go with branded items in the decent stores. Do not buy cheap clothing. It will fade off in a few days or the material will won’t be soft enough for your baby.

3. Babies look amazing in dark colors. But, mild colors like pink, sky blue and other pastel colors are the best choice for them, especially in the under wears and inner garments. Since, babies tend to wet their garments very often darker colors will spread on their skin, causing rashes. This happens no matter what great brand you choose. There are no such issues with the light colors.

4. Don’t select very tight garments. Avoid the ones with elastic and go for the ones which can be tied easily. Select loose fitting dresses instead of perfect fitting ones. Whenever you shop for kids clothes make sure you don’t purchase only perfect fitting clothes. Choose some loose fitting dresses too. They will be very useful when the baby feels sick. The dress will allow some air to pass through it.

5. Avoid very shiny dresses or posh dresses with lots of attachments like beads. The baby might get harmed through them or tend to pull them apart from the dress and swallow them.

6. Though kids clothes are produced out of several material, prefer pure cotton always. It is good for their soft skin. Cotton sweaters keep them warm in the winter and cotton dresses absorb the sweat easily in summer. Reserve silk, lace and dresses made of other materials for parties.

Our babies are totally dependent on us, for the first few years of their life. It is our duty to provide them with the best starting from kids clothing to everything else they require. The next time you go out shopping for you infant baby, remember these tips and select the best products possible.

How To Handle Your Used Baby Clothes

One truth that every parent discovers as their baby gets older is that they also get bigger, sometimes at such an astonishing rate that you swear the clothes you just bought last week don’t fit already! As your sweet infant becomes a baby, then a toddler and then a child, they move through clothing sizes so quickly. Before you know it, they’ve grown from size 3-6 months to 3T and you have tons of adorable baby clothing at home that you can’t bear to get rid of but don’t have use for anymore. Here are some popular ideas for what you can do with your baby’s clothes now that you can’t use them anymore.

Have a baby clothing swap party. Chances are you aren’t the only family with this sort of overflow. Plan a swap party with other parents from your children’s school, moms you’ve met in play groups or friends who have children in the same age range as yours. Ask the attendees to bring clothing similar to what they would like to receive, reminding them to keep it stain and tear-free. Decide ahead of time how the swap set-up will be, with clothing set out for perusing like a store or wrapped up and labeled by size for a surprise once everyone gets home. Consider if you want the swap to be same-for-same, with parents who brought footed pajamas to go home with footed pajamas in a larger size, or if you want to bundle by size and send home big surprise packages to be opened at home later. Along with a glass of wine and snacks, this can be a fun way to also get the grown-ups together to socialize while at the same time serving your kid’s needs.

Online swapping services can also be the way to go. Swapping can be done online as well, done with a sort of honor system in place that seems to work surprisingly well. Be sure to check out previous participant’s feedback on online services and only sign up if you feel totally comfortable with the group and their reputation. The shipping charges may be a deterrent, but can be worth the investment if you live in an area where swapping isn’t a local option but appeals to you.

Consider consignment sales. Many cities have consignment stores that resell children’s clothing, and towns that don’t have them at least have internet access where you can find online consignment done remotely. These stores typically only take higher-end baby clothing but serve a clientele who are ready to spend should they find the right item. Don’t be afraid to consult with a consignment store’s manager on appropriate prices, so you can avoid overpricing an item because of emotional attachment or personal expectations that might not be realistic.

Sell them yourself. Going “old school” and having a garage sale is always a good option. Be sure to advertise your sale well. Baby clothing sells best at garage sales if it’s clean and organized by size, and if it’s displayed in an attractive manner. It will be unfolded and refolded by almost every person going through your sale, so be sure to stay on top of messy, unfolded piles of clothes. Also, don’t mark the price too high or you’ll find visitors aren’t interested in the used clothing. Craiglist and eBay are online options for similar garage sale experiences. For baby clothing sales on both these sites and a garage sale, bundling clothes into lots to be purchased together can help you sell.

Store clothing for future children. If you might be having more children in the future, consider investing in large Tupperware-style bins that seal closed and can be kept in the garage or other storage areas with clothing saved for future babies. There is a comfort to getting out baby clothes from your older kid’s baby days when you’re expecting a new one, and nothing beats the savings of reusing your own used baby clothes. The emotional enjoyment of going through the older things is priceless. If you have the space to save your baby’s clothing as they grow, this can be a great option.

Donations for the needy. There are always charitable organizations that need used children’s clothing and the area you live in is no exception. Look for philanthropic groups that serve homeless families, teenaged mothers, at-risk children or battered women, as they are always in need of quality baby and children’s clothing to support the kids that come in with these victims and needy people. They particularly need nighttime clothing like baby pajamas for people coming in for help late at night with nothing but the day clothes they have on. These organizations can often give you receipts for the value of your used clothing to deduct on your federal taxes so you get a little financial benefit from your altruistic efforts as well.

Military donations. Contemplate reaching out to military groups in your area or whom you are in touch with online to see if there are any groups that can take your baby clothing to give out to families abroad as soldiers interact with them in their home lands. Particularly in impoverished countries where American troops are stationed, having shoes and clothing to give out to the children in the communities where we are trying to make a positive difference can have a large, positive impact. If you find the right group to give your footed pajamas and clothing to, you can often send the packages through the Military Postal Service, at no charge to you.

Whether you want to make some money off the clothing that your children have outgrown, or you want to pass it along to someone else with nothing other than the personal satisfaction that you’ve helped someone in need, finding the right solution for your baby’s outgrown clothing can be a challenge. Regardless of the solution that you go with in the end, knowing that someone else’s baby will get good use out of your used clothing can be very rewarding!

Tips on Choosing a Shirt Printing Service

Custom t-shirt printing has become very popular over the years as people like the freedom of being able to choose and customize the words and graphics that they want on their shirts. With so many printing companies however, it can be confusing to choose the right one for your printing needs; here are 7 things to look for when choosing a printing company.

1. How many t-shirts do you want printed? Do you want a single shirt for yourself or do you want shirts for your club, a family reunion, an entire debate club, or department, etc. Some companies will only print shirts in bulk so if you want a single shirt, these companies won’t work for you; if you do want shirts in bulk, you’ll want to check out any possible discounts and wholesale prices.

2. Type of design. This is a very important factor to take into consideration; some companies will have design presets for you to choose from while others will allow you to come up with your own customized design and print that for you.

3. Location and timeframe. This is especially important if you need your shirts quickly; if you need your shirts in 3 days it would be foolish to pick a company that requires a minimum of 5 days. So find out how long it will take to get your shirts back and where the company is located as distance may be another factor to consider if you want the shirts quickly.

4. Method of submission. Some printing companies will require that you submit your design on a CD or thumb drive which may not work for you if the company is not nearby where you live. Other companies such as those online will allow you to email your design to them if that suits you best.

5. Price. Of course this one is a given; you want quality but you don’t want something that is going to break the bank, especially if you are ordering in bulk rather than just one individual shirt.

6. Design skills. If you know the design you want but don’t have the graphic design skills to create it yourself, you will probably need help moving your idea from your head to a t-shirt; if this is the case then you may want to choose a printing service that can help you with this part of the process.

7. Reputation. Last but not least, check out the reputation of the company you choose before making a final decision; some companies may be really good at printing but have very poor customer service. So see if you can get some customer reviews before choosing a company to work with.

How To Design Your Own Shirt for Screen Printing

One of the first things that you need to do is to choose a shirt that you want to use for your design. You can choose to use either a light colored shirt or a dark colored one for your little project. Be sure to use the right kind of transfer paper for your chosen shirt as well. And most important of all, make sure that you use a blank t-shirt for this one. No point in designing a shirt that already has prints on it.

After you have selected a shirt that you want to use, the next step is to choose a photograph. You can choose one from the Internet or one that you might be keeping in your personal collection. You can also draw your own designs if you have the artistic talent in you to do so. Be sure to scan your selected photos on your computer so you can further edit them using a graphics program such as Photoshop.

Once you have your program opened, you can put in additional touches to your photo if you wish. You also crop, realign, and rotate the image if you think it will add more depth to it. Afterwards, you can choose to add a border to your design. This will make it look more organized and you can add in some text to give it some more personal touches as well.

Be sure to use text that is appropriate with the design that you are going to use. If it is a picture or doodle of your face, you can write something to describe yourself. Remember that since it is your design, you can choose to go ham and write some pretty obnoxious stuff about yourself, but all in the spirit of good humor of course.

After you are done editing your design, do not forget to save it to your flash drive as a JPEG file (USB) so you can present it to the printing shop afterwards. Always try to go for a printing shop that offers affordable service. However, you should also make sure that their service is top notch as well so that you can get the most out of your money.

As you can see, coming up with your own t-shirt design really isn’t that hard as long your imagination is active. There are literally no limits to the kinds of designs that you can come up with. The only one that can limit them is you.