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Health Warnings On Clothes

A provocative article featured in the Daily Mail voiced concerns about the UK’s growing population of overweight people. Naveed Sattar; Professor of Metabolic Medicine at the University of Glasgow has outlined how we might deal with the problem. This has prompted me to write a response.

I write both on a personal level since I am part of that statistic (5′ 5″ size 16/18, middle age overweight woman) and as the Director of a retail fashion business that specialises in size 16 plus fashion.

All my adult life I have struggled to keep my weight in check. One of the things that has constantly put salt in the wound was the lack of attractive clothes size 16 plus. Even when some stores did offer a plus department it always seemed there was a lack of an attractive environment – I didn’t want to be shoved in the back of the shop or worse still, sent down to the basement. I wanted to shop in Joseph and Harvey Nichols. A stroll down Bond Street or Sloane Street would be frustrating and depressing. Indeed, these are the emotions that inspired me to start the company.

I believe that every woman has the right to be able to present herself in the most attractive way possible. We work with what she has not what she has not. All women should be able to buy beautiful clothes. This is not something that should be exclusive to thin people and larger women should not be prejudiced against.

Should the exclusive design shops such as Armani, Donna Karan, Gucci, Chloe and Nicole Farhi etc. be more flexible then I would be out of business.

Having outlined why Beige exists and our philosophy, back to the article… the headline in the Daily Mail “Obese should have health warnings on their clothes” was a mis-quote. The professor actually suggested “Oversize clothes should have obesity helpline numbers sewn on them to try and reduce Britain’s fat crisis”.

This crisis, by the way is not exclusive to Britain. It is a problem for most wealthy western countries. I accept that being overweight can be bad for your health – heart disease, cancer, joint problems, diabetes and so on are more prevalent amongst those of us who are overweight. Why it is of particular concern to Britain is because we have a National Health Service – we do not have to pay for our health care. In America there is no such a service and presumably overweight people pay higher health insurance premiums.

I understand the professor’s concern over what he has defined as ‘Britain’s fat crisis’. I agree that something should be done about it. But sewing in labels into clothes?

My quick answer to all of you who have asked what I think is, NO!

Why, No?

It will make the situation worse!

I should think this proposed label would drive many to the comfort of the nearest chocolate bar. Those of us who are part of the fat crisis statistic know that we are fat. We know it’s not great for our health, in fact many are already suffering the side effects as listed above.

Educate Britain’s children about healthy lifestyles by all means, but please be more sensitive and less judgmental to those people who are overweight.

Health warnings on junk food are acceptable, clearly marked labels on all food products is a great idea – most supermarkets have improved their labeling.

The very idea of putting labels on people’s clothes in this manner has an extremely sinister feel to it – where does it all lead? Where does the responsibility of a government for the people begin and end?

Why are we allowed to purchase cars that have the capacity to exceed the speed limit… surely that can’t be good for our health?

We are allowed to over spend…indeed encouraged to do so… so should our credit cards be capped to reflect our earnings?

Why just pick on fat people? There are many other groups of people who put a strain on the government’s resources.

I am not saying that it is OK to be overweight – however if for what ever reason one finds oneself not able to wear clothes less than size 16 then it is not our place to judge.

Creating a Unique Clothing Style

Looking for a unique clothing style? Don’t want to spend a lot of money? Do it Yourself Clothing may be just the thing for you!

No longer do you have to own a sewing machine, understand how to choose and fit a pattern, or even know how to sew in order to create your own uniquely-different way of dressing on a budget. It’s easy. It’s been done for centuries. And, what’s more, you can do it too.

I’m going to suggest several ways that you can create “Do It Yourself Clothing”. With a bit of imagination and the desire to create your own style, you will soon be able to discover many potential clothing products in your own community.

Think Vintage

Visit your local antique stores and even the thrift stores with an eye for fashions from previous generations. Look for quality, style, and serviceability. Remember that “wash and wear” is a fairly new term. Fabrics from the past frequently require ironing.

While there, jog on over to the “linens area”. You’ll find a variety of gorgeous tablecloths, doilies, and, depending on your age, things you’ve never heard of.

Now what are you going to do with all of this? Think of new uses, new combinations, and up-to-the-minute fashion statements that you can create yourself. A hand embroidered clothes-pin bag can be transformed into a delightful purse while a chenille robe can become a fashionable coat.

Think Rustic

Pioneers, cowboys, and native Americans had no choice but to create their own clothing. You have a choice but a rustic clothing design may be just your style. Old demin jeans have a variety of uses. Combine with a brightly colored sash and a plaid shirt and you have a new look. They can be cut into squares and hand stitched together with brightly colored yarn to create an exciting vest, purse, or even a skirt. Imagine all the ways you can use an old burlap sack to create a style just for you.

Fabric Store Specials

Take your imagination to your local fabric store or Walmart. Look at the bargain and closeout tables. A yard of lacey fabric or velvet makes a beautiful stole. And don’t forget to eye the upholstery and tablecloth fabrics. The printed plastic tablecloth fabrics have a flannel backing and can be cut without any fear of raveling on the edges.

These are just a few ideas to get your imagination off the starting line and running down the field to a Do It Yourself Clothing Style that is yours alone!

Making Your Clothing Brand Stand Out

As the founder and owner of my own clothing brand, I’ll explain some of the more successful strategies I’ve applied.

1. Examine other clothing brands in your niche market
Firstly, and most importantly, have a look at what other clothing brands are doing in your niche market. Pay particular attention to their product range. What type of t-shirts/apparel do they have? Are they slim fit, loose fit, oversized fit or tall fit? What type of cut are they? Are they V necks, crew necks, tank tops and so on? Of equal importance is the type of printing that’s used for their logo. Do they use screen printing, heat transfer or digital printing? The type of fabric used should also be considered. Do they use heavy cottons, light cottons or have they moved to an Eco Friendly organic cotton? In addition, follow up on their customer feedbacks and reviews via their web page, their Facebook pages or twitter. Once all this information has been examined and explored it then poses the question, will i be able to produce a product that will beat their prices or at the very least be competitive, while sustaining a good profit margin?

2. Customer Service
Whether you have an on line or retail store, customer service is crucial to your survival. Assist your customers in a prompt, timely and professional manner with their questions and queries. In regards to an on line store, respond to your customers email enquiries within the time frame specified on your web page. If you say you’ll get back to emails within 24hrs then ensure you do just that! Allocate time every day to get back to all customer emails. It’s the number one thing any business can do. Stand out with your customer service. Customer satisfaction is imperative to your clothing brands success. If done correctly your customers are more likely to be happy with your brand and come back again, and they’ll bring their friends and family next time.

3. Sell your clothing brand image.
Have something unique. If you squeeze out the same thing that everybody else is making, people are going to go with the existing brand instead of you. Produce something different than what is out there on the market. Bring something fresh to the table.

4. Learn how to market
As with any business, knowing how to market is critical for success.Having a good website for your brand will make it easier for customers to shop for your products, but advertising is what drives them to the site in the first place. For more in depth tips on marketing please view my article “internet and business on line marketing”.

5. Preserve
Like any start up business clothes lines take a lot of hard work and dedication. You’ll meet some challenges along the way, but if you believe in yourself and your brand, you’ll succeed. Owning and running a successful clothing line isn’t easy, in fact it’s tough work that can pay off if you give it your all and enjoy what you do.

How to Find the Best Offers of Fashion Clothing Online

It is no secret that online stores gather more customers every year, but that does not mean that all of them are happy with what they have purchased or the services they have received. Sure, anybody can have buyer’s remorse once in a while, but it is important to know which websites have the best offers in order to be completely certain of your decision and always make a good deal. Just searching for a certain product you might need is not enough anymore. Fortunately, there is a solution to these problems: online fashion shopping guides. These guides not only gather some of the best online stores of the moment, but also offer their readers reviews about their services and let them know of any special offer they should not miss. Beauty websites, fashion websites and anything else a woman might be interested in buying, finding the best offers on the internet will be much easier when you have a great guide on your side to offer you all the information you need.

The benefits of online fashion shopping are well known. You can find products that may not necessarily be available in your home town and take advantage of incredible offers where products that are normally quite expensive can be purchased at promotional prices and delivered worldwide very fast. So, those looking for reliable online stores to purchase beautiful fashion items should focus on finding a guide that directs them to the most popular websites of the moment. Such guides have been designed by people passionate about online fashion shopping, who look for great offers every day and post them for their readers to find and take advantage of them. From clothing items to beauty products, everything a woman might need can be found online. The trick is to find the online store that has the best offer of the moment and for this, a guide will definitely come in handy. If some products can be found quite easy, such as makeup or famous clothing brands, other ones may not always be so easy to find, especially plus size clothes. However, the online environment will always be a great place where people looking for plus size clothing items will find everything they need, in a wide variety of designs.

All in all, finding the best offers on the internet has never been easier. All people have to do is choose one of the guides available that will direct them to a wide select of online stores. The fact that you can read reviews of a certain website and find the most attractive offers in one place will definitely be very useful for anyone interested in finding their favorite products at excellent prices. Of course, delivery and customer care are very important too, so make sure you read what each website offers before you decide to purchase from it. There will always be a good offer on the internet for the fashion product you are looking for, so keep looking and have patience until you find it.

The Perfect Special Occasion Dress For Plus Size Woman

Plus-Size-Clothing-Shopping-on-EbayPlus sized women no longer have to be limited in what they can wear or even the styles of clothing that they can wear. There is a huge industry that is growing at an expanding rate for plus sized clothing that looks and feels stylish and comfortable. There are even some clothing retailers that cater exclusively to plus sized women and their needs in clothing.

Specialty shops are ideal for the plus sized woman to find a great outfit to suit any need and she is much less likely to feel out of place in a snobby boutique that is designed to cater to those under a size ten. These specialty stores provide the plus sized woman the freedom to comfortably choose clothing without feeling out of place or have the disappointment of finding a great outfit that does not come in her size.

In these specialty shops, plus sized women can also benefit from having staff that understand their needs and can give top advice on what styles look great. More stores than ever are coming to realize that providing a first rate service to their plus sized women, make choosing an outfit more relaxed and even an enjoyable experience for all who are involved. With service like this, any consumer is likely to come back again and again.

The latest catwalk designer fashions don’t always work well by just being made into a larger size. This is why it is an added bonus to have specialty designers who know how to make plus sized women look great in plus sized outfits that accentuate their best points.

While designers are aware that women in general want glamour in their wardrobe, plus sized designers are also aware of the need for style and glamour, as well as practicality for their women. All women, even plus sized women, like outfits that are designed with fun and style in mind, as well as being eye-catching.