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Tips For Buying A Dress Shirt For A Man

How-To-Buy-A-Men’s-Dress-Shirt2There are several items to consider when buying a dress shirt for a man. First and foremost is size. That is to say the shirt should fit properly. In addition, one should consider the style of color, fabric and construction of the garment.

If the first thing a man does upon leaving the office and heading for home is loosening the collar button and pulling down the tie, the shirt collar does not fit. According to studies recently conducted, over two-thirds of menswear shirts are too tight. A properly fitted dress shirt and tie should not be uncomfortable.

If a shirt with the top button fastened does not provide room for the two middle fingers between the neck and collar without touching, the collar is too small and should be increased by a half size. To measure the neck place a cloth tape around the neck at the Adam’s apple. The collar size should be this measurement plus one half inch.

Sleeve length is also important. While most shirts today have sleeve lengths in a size range, they should

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Tips To Buy The Best Kids Clothes

school-shopping-mThousands of on-line and offline stores showcase amazing kids clothes. They are fun to shop for and great to look at. Who doesn’t like to dress up their little ones and rejoice at their own child’s beauty! Most of the young mothers are ready to spend ample amount of time and money to buy the best things ever for their lovely babies. But they do not have a clue as to what suits their babies best. Here are a few tips to improvise when shopping for kids clothes. They are best fit for mothers having babies below two years.

1. Always select soft material.

2. Go with branded items in the decent stores. Do not buy cheap clothing. It will fade off in a few days or the material will won’t be soft enough for your baby.

3. Babies look amazing in dark colors. But, mild colors like pink, sky blue and other pastel colors are the best choice for them, especially in the under wears and inner garments. Since, babies tend to wet their garments very often darker

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The Perfect Special Occasion Dress For Plus Size Woman

Plus-Size-Clothing-Shopping-on-EbayPlus sized women no longer have to be limited in what they can wear or even the styles of clothing that they can wear. There is a huge industry that is growing at an expanding rate for plus sized clothing that looks and feels stylish and comfortable. There are even some clothing retailers that cater exclusively to plus sized women and their needs in clothing.

Specialty shops are ideal for the plus sized woman to find a great outfit to suit any need and she is much less likely to feel out of place in a snobby boutique that is designed to cater to those under a size ten. These specialty stores provide the plus sized woman the freedom to comfortably choose clothing without feeling out of place or have the disappointment of finding a great outfit that does not come in her size.

In these specialty shops, plus sized women can also benefit from having staff that understand their needs and can give top advice on what styles look great. More stores than ever are coming to realize that

Fashion Careers

A career in the fashion industry sounds glamorous and lucrative. Have you consider getting into the fashion industry, but might think that you cannot manage it? There are so many different roles and positions that you can play in the fashion world. One does not necessarily be a fashion designer but still be able to have a very success career in the fashion industry.

Being able to make a living with things you like is always enjoyable. If you are a fashion fan and love to see beautiful clothing, accessories or sketches around you, you should consider starting a career in the fashion world. Below are some key roles in the fashion world where you can take part in – from design, production, marketing, to many more.

This is one of the most high profile jobs in the fashion industry. Designers are responsible for conceptualizing their ideas on trends and realizing them on their final products. Designers can be employed by companies which own a group of designers, or work for their own brand and production line, or, even as a freelancer providing designs for difference companies.

There are several types of fashion designers:

Tips for Finding the Best Deals on Outerwear

Winter into spring and spring into summer, the change of season can make you want to be spending more time outdoors and less time indoors. But with the outdoors also comes outerwear which is not always cheap. Depending on what you like to do outside and the season, the price of your gear could be manageable to overwhelming. For example, summer time might make you feel like going for a hike in the woods. While you don’t really need any special gear to go for a hike, but you do want to be sure that you have a decent pair of hiking boots. Buying from thrift stores is alright providing you follow a few simple tips such as: realize that the items are donated, check for rips and missing buttons, try on before you buy and know how much the item costs new to see if it is worth saving a few dollars. In another article, it noted that you should check out the quality of the item that you are looking to buy. If the item is cheaply made, such as hiking boots, it might be better to spend an additional $20 if it means

Tips To Look Cute While Pregnant

Your mother’s generation was different. Today, you live in modern times where fashion is the key word where clothing is concerned, even during a pregnancy! Since you desire to look good at all times, you might wish to know where cute maternity clothes can be found!

Before we move forward, may be it would be wise to understand what exactly is meant by cute here. The image conjured up in your mind would be that of something that looks kiddish or makes you look like a baby yourself! True, earlier cute maternity clothes consisted of dresses which were similar to those worn by baby dolls and consisted of floppy bows placed at the neck! They were meant to exhibit the mother-to-be as a small doll herself who would be bringing another boy doll or girl doll into the world!

Today, the definition of cute maternity clothes has entirely changed. There are styles and fashions to suit everyone’s tastes, and they range from downright funky to hippie styles to glamorous haute couture.

Before you run to your computer (since that is the trend now-a-days), ask for help from close relatives such as siblings, maybe a sister-in-law

5 Tips for Obtaining Designer Kids Clothes

Obtaining designer kids clothes can become almost like an art. Every child is different and every parent is different as well. This leaves many questions unanswered which is why I decided to put together a list with tips for obtaining designer kids clothes. All 5 tips are equally important; hence the order of tips does not reflect their importance. Actually, one could write a never-ending list of tips on this subject. Therefore, narrowing them down to only 5 meant picking out the most important ones. But since the following 5 tips are so important, they also require some explaining. After all, they are the 5 most important tips for a reason!

1. Fit is more important than looks
Have you ever seen someone who copied the exact same outfit from somebody else, but it didn’t look nearly as good? I see this happening very often. Most people buy clothes or outfits that they have seen on others. Unfortunately, they ignore the most important “fashion secret” when doing so: The fit is more important than the looks of any item. The most decisive factor in whether an item of clothing looks good or bad is how it fits!

Choosing Clothing for Short and Thin Men


Many people usually ask about the rules to be followed by short and thin men when it comes to choosing clothes. For me, the issue should not be entirely about tough rules for them but more about guidelines and tips. Below are half dozen tips on how to choose clothing for short and thin men.


When considering clothing, the short and skinny people should always shop for clothes made for their own size. This is not just about shopping for cloth labeled “XS” or “S” because they are just clothes for bigger men with some parts slightly reduced. The short men need different clothes with very different proportions which are not typically resized pieces of clothing and one should find stores that deal in short men clothes specifically. You can also take a peek through the boys section in a clothing department although you may not find high quality shirts and trousers meant for adults.

The upper body


Dressing the upper body of short and thin men is where things are very tricky. When dressed coat less one needs a more closely fit shirt on the shoulder and then

3 Ways to Look Mature Without Showing Too Much Skin

Going back to school is both exciting and a little unnerving. For girls and young women, finding just the right outfit for the first day of school feels like an impossible choice. The rest of the school year, your popularity and the opinions other form of you seems to hinge on which shirt you choose. Perhaps the choice plays over and over in your mind – the red dress or the blue? And then you ask yourself, does anyone even wear dresses anymore? You get to the point where you have dreams you go to school with nothing but your underwear on and everyone is pointing and laughing.

Choosing what you wear to school is an important way to set the tone and represent who you are. Of course, your parents are going to undoubtedly veto a few choices, especially your dad. You may as well skip over half of the choices in the junior’s section of clothing because he is likely to tell you to take it off and put something longer or higher cut or looser on. It may feel like he’s ruining your social life, but in reality he’s doing you a great service

Mistakes to Avoid When Shopping For Clothing

How do you know which clothes are right for you? When shopping for attire, it’s important to choose pieces that complement your facial features, physique, and so on. Here are some tips to choose clothing that not only looks good to you, but also looks good on you:

1. Avoid pairing up clothing with your hair, eyes, and makeup.

Many people make the mistake of choosing clothing colors based on the color of their hair, eyes, or makeup. Instead, choose colors based on your skin tone. While there are some basic rules that you should follow, it’s not an exact science. The best way to determine if clothing of a certain color looks attractive on you, is to simply ask friends or relatives for their opinion. Although it’s not quite a scientific approach, it’s certainly an effective one.

2. Avoid dark colors if you have wrinkles.

The reason is that such clothing creates a “heavy” appearance, which you certainly want to avoid. Here’s why. Wrinkles give the appearance that your skin is contracted, rather than being smooth and taunt. Wearing lighter clothing will help to compensate for the appearance of the wrinkles.


How to Be Styling on the Green

While what you wear on the golf green may not seem as important as what golf equipment you use, it does play an important role in how free your movements are and how comfortable you are while golfing. Both of these things can impact how well you perform. In order to get the most out of your golf apparel you need to select clothes that are the right size and the right style for your body.

The first thing that you need to do to ensure that your clothes won’t interfere with your golf game is to select items that fit your body. To do this you will either have to try on the clothes or take your measurements. If you will be buying clothes from a local store then you need to try the items on before you buy them. Look for cuts that are body skimming, but that are not constrictive. Also look for clothes that flatter your figure. Make sure that you have a full range of motion in the clothes by bending, squatting, and twisting your body. If the clothes don’t feel good when you do this, then find something else. If your

Clothing Tips For the Large Man

1. Know your size.
When it comes to shopping online, the size of your clothes become all the more important. Unlike shopping at the mall or boutique, you cannot try on clothes from an online store. You have to know the size that best fits you. If you are unsure, it would be best to first take the measurements or even consult with the nearest clothes boutique. This way, you can easily find clothes that fit you perfectly the next time you go online shopping.

2. Know which styles are best for your body type.
If you are a large man, then not all types of clothes fit you. This is one downside of being big. While “regular-sized” people usually fit any type of apparel, people who are big-sized usually must follow strict rules when it comes to choosing clothes. You should avoid double-breasted jackets, top and bottoms in contrasting colors, wide horizontal prints, turtle neck shirts or even clothes that are either too baggy or too snug. Knowing the right styles, fabrics and prints can make a huge difference especially if you want to look smart and presentable despite your size.

3. Read about exchange

How To Handle Your Used Baby Clothes

One truth that every parent discovers as their baby gets older is that they also get bigger, sometimes at such an astonishing rate that you swear the clothes you just bought last week don’t fit already! As your sweet infant becomes a baby, then a toddler and then a child, they move through clothing sizes so quickly. Before you know it, they’ve grown from size 3-6 months to 3T and you have tons of adorable baby clothing at home that you can’t bear to get rid of but don’t have use for anymore. Here are some popular ideas for what you can do with your baby’s clothes now that you can’t use them anymore.

Have a baby clothing swap party. Chances are you aren’t the only family with this sort of overflow. Plan a swap party with other parents from your children’s school, moms you’ve met in play groups or friends who have children in the same age range as yours. Ask the attendees to bring clothing similar to what they would like to receive, reminding them to keep it stain and tear-free. Decide ahead of time how the swap set-up will be, with clothing set out

Tips on Choosing a Shirt Printing Service

Custom t-shirt printing has become very popular over the years as people like the freedom of being able to choose and customize the words and graphics that they want on their shirts. With so many printing companies however, it can be confusing to choose the right one for your printing needs; here are 7 things to look for when choosing a printing company.

1. How many t-shirts do you want printed? Do you want a single shirt for yourself or do you want shirts for your club, a family reunion, an entire debate club, or department, etc. Some companies will only print shirts in bulk so if you want a single shirt, these companies won’t work for you; if you do want shirts in bulk, you’ll want to check out any possible discounts and wholesale prices.

2. Type of design. This is a very important factor to take into consideration; some companies will have design presets for you to choose from while others will allow you to come up with your own customized design and print that for you.

3. Location and timeframe. This is especially important if you need your shirts quickly; if you

How To Design Your Own Shirt for Screen Printing

One of the first things that you need to do is to choose a shirt that you want to use for your design. You can choose to use either a light colored shirt or a dark colored one for your little project. Be sure to use the right kind of transfer paper for your chosen shirt as well. And most important of all, make sure that you use a blank t-shirt for this one. No point in designing a shirt that already has prints on it.

After you have selected a shirt that you want to use, the next step is to choose a photograph. You can choose one from the Internet or one that you might be keeping in your personal collection. You can also draw your own designs if you have the artistic talent in you to do so. Be sure to scan your selected photos on your computer so you can further edit them using a graphics program such as Photoshop.

Once you have your program opened, you can put in additional touches to your photo if you wish. You also crop, realign, and rotate the image if you think it will add

Tips To Dramatically Improve Your Style

Want to improve your style but you don’t know where to start?

Today’s article is for the guys who want to improve their style dramatically with little effort.

More and more men are starting to realize how a sense of fashion is an asset in every aspect of their lives. In today’s world, looking your best keeps you one step ahead.

For those of who don’t really know where to begin in today’s society of information overload, fear not, making sure to cover the 5 areas below will be the fastest way to improve your first impression:

1) Make Sure The Fit Is Flattering

The clothes you wear should attractively fit your body shape – whatever shape that may be – and look like they’ve been hand-made for you.

For some guys, drilling just this one bit of information into your head will instantly improve the way you look.

Yeah…yeah, it sound simple, but not having the proper fit is one of most common mistakes that men make when dressing.

So, how do you know when clothes fit correctly?

When you’re trying something on and you begin to question

Tips To Select Suitable Clothes

If hunting clothes are not patterned to be in harmony with the surroundings and the hunter sticks out like a sore thumb, then he/she might as well say goodbye to the hunt and go home for no animal is going to come near enough to be caught! Just like camouflage plays a critical role in the army, so does it in hunting!

If one has a good look at the animal world, one would notice that nature has provided them with skins and accessories that become a part of whichever environment they dwell in. Also, animals, especially birds, have been blessed with keen eyesight! Thus, if the hunter has to come back with memories of a satisfying hunt and a rich haul, he/she has to put aside everyday clothes and select hunting clothes with specific patterns that imitate the very surroundings where the game can be found.

Coming to the hunting grounds themselves, they can range anywhere from dry terrain to wetland grass to dense underbrush. Now camouflage does not mean settling down behind some stone or tree or bush! what it indicates is “concealment in plain sight of the game”. To be more exact, the

Keep Your Uniform Right With Shirt Stays

Though we consider ourselves civilized, there are many aspects of our society that are uncivilized which can be supported by the presence of crime and thieves. Policing is a public service to keep law and order in our society during situations where man’s weakness fails him to be civilized. How many of you have an idea of the importance of dressing right in this field?

A police man has to be a commanding person and he should be able to show his fellowmen that he is a better qualified man to guide/help them. One of the ways he can express it to the concerned people is the way he dresses himself. For men, shirt does not stay tightly inside the pants all day as they move their hands up and down. A shirt-stay is a strap which is very elastic in nature that can help police man to keep the shirt tucked inside.

Policemen worry a lot and take lot of effort to look sharp all day which helps them to take a commanding stance when it comes to situations that are not desirable. For instance, imagine a situation where a thief is holding a gun

Health Warnings On Clothes

A provocative article featured in the Daily Mail voiced concerns about the UK’s growing population of overweight people. Naveed Sattar; Professor of Metabolic Medicine at the University of Glasgow has outlined how we might deal with the problem. This has prompted me to write a response.

I write both on a personal level since I am part of that statistic (5′ 5″ size 16/18, middle age overweight woman) and as the Director of a retail fashion business that specialises in size 16 plus fashion.

All my adult life I have struggled to keep my weight in check. One of the things that has constantly put salt in the wound was the lack of attractive clothes size 16 plus. Even when some stores did offer a plus department it always seemed there was a lack of an attractive environment – I didn’t want to be shoved in the back of the shop or worse still, sent down to the basement. I wanted to shop in Joseph and Harvey Nichols. A stroll down Bond Street or Sloane Street would be frustrating and depressing. Indeed, these are the emotions that inspired me to start the company.

I believe

Creating a Unique Clothing Style

Looking for a unique clothing style? Don’t want to spend a lot of money? Do it Yourself Clothing may be just the thing for you!

No longer do you have to own a sewing machine, understand how to choose and fit a pattern, or even know how to sew in order to create your own uniquely-different way of dressing on a budget. It’s easy. It’s been done for centuries. And, what’s more, you can do it too.

I’m going to suggest several ways that you can create “Do It Yourself Clothing”. With a bit of imagination and the desire to create your own style, you will soon be able to discover many potential clothing products in your own community.

Think Vintage

Visit your local antique stores and even the thrift stores with an eye for fashions from previous generations. Look for quality, style, and serviceability. Remember that “wash and wear” is a fairly new term. Fabrics from the past frequently require ironing.

While there, jog on over to the “linens area”. You’ll find a variety of gorgeous tablecloths, doilies, and, depending on your age, things you’ve never heard of.

Now what are

Making Your Clothing Brand Stand Out

As the founder and owner of my own clothing brand, I’ll explain some of the more successful strategies I’ve applied.

1. Examine other clothing brands in your niche market
Firstly, and most importantly, have a look at what other clothing brands are doing in your niche market. Pay particular attention to their product range. What type of t-shirts/apparel do they have? Are they slim fit, loose fit, oversized fit or tall fit? What type of cut are they? Are they V necks, crew necks, tank tops and so on? Of equal importance is the type of printing that’s used for their logo. Do they use screen printing, heat transfer or digital printing? The type of fabric used should also be considered. Do they use heavy cottons, light cottons or have they moved to an Eco Friendly organic cotton? In addition, follow up on their customer feedbacks and reviews via their web page, their Facebook pages or twitter. Once all this information has been examined and explored it then poses the question, will i be able to produce a product that will beat their prices or at the very least be competitive, while sustaining a good profit margin?